Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MCX NCDEX Trading Suggestions and Trend Today: 28 April 2015

MCX Gold June trading Sideways to Bullish, Support at 26815-26119, Resistance at 27243-27831, Buy on Low is suggested.
MCX Silver trading Sideways to Bullish, Support at 36335-34215, Resistance at 37642-39443, Buy on Low is suggested.
MCX Crude Oil trading Sideways, Support at 3577-3451, Resistance at 3669-3819, Sell on high is suggested
MCX Natural Gas trading Sideways, Support at 159-152, Resistance at 163-170, Sell on high.
MCX Copper Apr trade in consolidate trend with support at 386-384 and a resistance at 389-391, Trading range 384-390.
MCX Lead trading Sideways to Bullish, Support at 132-130, Resistance at 134-136, Buy on Low.
MCX Aluminum trading Sideways to Bullish, Support at 115-113, Resistance at 117-119, Buy on Low.
MCX Zinc trading Sideways to Bullish, Support at 144-138, Resistance at 147-152, Buy on Low suggested
MCX Cardamom May has a down trend today, While trading below 874,expect to see lower correction towards 810/800 levels
MCX Mentha oil Apr though sideways directive moves, corrective selloffs may witness towards 970 levels.
MCX CPO Apr Prices need to break 446.20 for the bulls to persists towards 450/456 levels. Else, could see downfall towards 438/435 levels
NCDEX Castor seed May has bullish momentum today, Could continue towards 3850/3910, if prices trades above 3805 levels.
NCDEX RM seed is bullish today, As long as prices stays above 3824, could see prolongation of buying spree towards 3890/3930 levels.
NCDEX Refined Soy oil June trading down today, A mild profit booking could see towards 580 levels.
NCDEX Dhaniya May trading down today, Long liquidation pressure would see towards 9890 levels.
NCDEX Kapas Apr16 is bullish for today, Short covering rallies would see towards 970 levels.
NCDEX Turmeric May trading bullish for the day, As prices broke 8600 could see upside rallies towards 8820/9100 levels.
NCDEX Soybean June is bullish for today, As prices broke 4070, expect to see upside moves towards 4130/4160 levels.
NCDEX Chana prices prolonged its bullish sentiments and finally closed the day at 4226 levels.
NCDEX Chana: as long as prices are trading above 4134, could see upside rallies towards 4260 followed by 4282 and then even higher to 4300/4354 levels.
NCDEX Chana, positive daily RSI (14) along with increase in volumes are suggesting bullish outlook. Conversely, major weakness is seen below 3900 levels.

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