Friday, April 17, 2015

Commodity Face: Free NCDEX Tips Today: 17 April 2015

Commodity Face Today

NCDEX Chana traded with high volatility as traders waited for some dips before initiating fresh demands in the mandis. Sentiments did remain positive but after the recent significant rise in rates, intermittent profit booking too got noted. Good domestic demand amidst falling arrivals kept trend up. Markets are however at strong psychological Resistance of 4000. 
High volatility was noted for Jeera as more profit booking were noted for the commodity after the recent strong rise in prices. Markets found strong psychological resistance at the 18000 levels. Short term some dips can be there from profit booking but overall Fundamentals  remained strong. Rising export demand amidst falling arrivals in the mandis and lower production reports kept supporting prices. Firmness in Dollar vs Re further aided the export front. An expected 25-30% lower sowing area is already keeping prices firm. Exports are rising and expected to rise further in coming weeks.

NCDEX Tips Today

NCDEX Tip for Chana: Resistance range is been found around 4036-4060 levels while a strong support level is at 3972 if NCDEX Chana cross this level then it will follow  3956 level today, Traders are recommended to sell chana at 3981 level.
NCDEX Tip for Jeera is trading on a sideways zone today with a support level at 17320 and 17200, while a strong resistance is set at 17840 if Jeera cross this level if may jump upto 18120 level. We recommend a sell in it.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NCDEX Tips and Live Updates|Crude Updates for 16 April 2015

Crude Updates Today
In the United States is expected to grow less than crude oil stock prices have reached the highest level this year. On Wednesday, naymaiks on crude prices 5.8 per cent at $ 56.39 a barrel-mounted at the level of the closed, which has for the first time since December 23. While Brent crude prices to 2.73 per cent in recorded faster. Currently Brent crude $ 63 a barrel.
Hopes of increased crude stocks
Over the week to April 10 in the u.s. crude stocks increased less than expected. According to the u.s. Department of energy, crude oil reserves rose 48.36 million barrels reached 12.9 million barrels now. While the estimate was 41 million barrels.

NCDEX Live Updates
NCDEX May Soya bean has extended the bullish momentum by given a breakout through the “bullish flag” chart pattern on daily charts. Overall outlook remains positive and further rally can be possible towards 3775 & 3860 levels, which is an equality target of the poll length. However, downside remains support 3665 levels.

NCDEX Tips Today
We suggest a BUY Around 3665 level for Targeting 3775 with Stop loss at 3620.

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Free NCDEX SoyaBean Tips and Outlook For Today (15 April 2015)

NCDEX SoyaBean Tips Today
For the day we expect arrivals in the physical market to be steady supporting supply factors. The demand for Soybean seed for sowing would help prices to move up. Internationally rainfall in Argentina has slowed down Argentina’s soybean harvest which  supported CBOT prices to move up yesterday. It is likely to affectNCDEX prices to open on positive note at the beginning of the trading session. Overall we recommend buying NCDEX Soybean contract today.

NCDEX Soy Oil Outlook Today
NCDEX Soy Oil futures closed up by 0.5% on marginal increase in buying at the prevailing prices. CBOT Soyoil closed up by 0.84% due to expectation of increase demand of soyoil from China eCBOT is trading at 31.48 cents/lbs up by 0.48%.
Soyoil in the domestic market would be steady as demand for soyoil is high at lower prices. Further, positive sentiment in BMD palm oil market is likely to support upward movement during the day. For today we recommend to be on buying side.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MCX Gold Silver Tips and Commodity Face Today: 14th April 2015

Commodity Face Today

After a three-day gaining streak, gold prices today drifted by Rs 70 to Rs 27,050 per ten grams at the bullion market owing to slackened demand at prevailing levels amid a weak global trend.
Silver also declined by Rs 140 to Rs 36,860 per kg on reduced off take by industrial units and coin makers. Traders said easing demand from jewelers at existing levels and a weak global trend -- where gold fell to a two-week low -- mainly kept pressure on precious metals prices.

MCX Gold Silver Tips

MCX Bullions are trading on a negative zone today after revealing its gaining positions of last three day. Our Research experts suggest that after decline in International commodity market price it will face a bearish trend today.
Sell on high is suggested by our experts. For more MCX Tips please fill the trial form.
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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Free NCDEX Tips and Trend Today (13 April 2015)

NCDEX Chana Tips and Trend Today: 13th April 2015
NCDEX Chana Apr. futures closed higher in the last trading session by 0.08% as market participants accumulated buy position due to increasing spot demand against restricted supplies in the spot market from new season crop. Unseasonal rain in March brought a heavy loss to crops of pulses. As per the Union Agriculture Ministry reports, around 11.2 lakh hectares of pulse crops damaged. 
Chana futures expected to trade on mixed to positive note as arrival of new crop in domestic market are picking up slowly. Overall sentiments look positive for Chana in long term amid expected lower output and duty-free imports allowed till Sep 2015.

NCDEX Commodity Levels and Trend dated 13th April 2015

Commodity Exchange Contract Trend S2 S1 LTP R1 R2
Jeera NCDEX May Up 16600 16780 16895 17000 17130
Turmeric NCDEX May Up 8200 8280 8364 8450 8530
Coriander NCDEX May Up 9200 9320 9404 9460 9570
Cardamom MCX May Sideways 845 860 871 890 905
Soybean NCDEX Jun Up 3490 3530 3558 3590 3620
Mustard Seed NCDEX May Up 3520 3545 3587 3600 3625
Ref Soy Oil NCDEX Jun Sideways 560 565 570.55 575 580
Ref MCX Apr Sideways 425 429 432.4 436 440
Castor seed NCDEX May Sideways 3680 3730 3772 3810 3850
Chana NCDEX May Sideways 3780 3820 3867 3890 3925
Sugar NCDEX May Up 2425 2445 2466 2490 2510
Kapas NCDEX Apr’15 Sideways 813 818 825 832 840
Cotton MCX Apr Sideways 15600 15750 15850 16000 16250
Cotton Oilseed Cake NCDEX May Sideways 1735 1750 1766 1780 1795
Wheat NCDEX May Sideways 1435 1445 1456 1470 1485
Maize Rabi NCDEX May Up 1145 1160 1173 1195 1205
Barley NCDEX May Up 1130 1140 1163 1175 1195
Mentha Oil MCX Apr Up 905 920 928 940 955
Guar Gum NCDEX May Up 9750 9880 10000 10150 10300
Guar Seed NCDEX May Up 4220 4300 4412 4480 4530
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