Monday, June 24, 2013

MCX Gold Silver Prices Today: Commodity Tips

Silver Price Today

Mcx Silver July contract was exchanging at Rs 40674, down Rs 912, or 2.19%. The Silver price touched an intraday high of Rs 41334 and an intraday level of Rs 40570. So far 18547 agreements have been exchanged. Silver costs have moved down Rs 24336, or 37.43 percent in the July arrangement as such.

Gold Price Today

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Free Commodity Tips Today| MCX Gold Price Today

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Gold Prices Today 
Gold future costs are exchanging at Usd 1413, down 0.17 percent since the morning. The Japanese Yen acknowledged by 2.11 percent against the Us dollar and might press on to stay in the additions dependent upon the Bank of Japan's financial stimulus project. This might underpin the increases in gold costs as Dollar may remain level against dollar. In the morning, silver future costs are exchanging at Usd 22.60, down 0.16 percent. The German exchange parity is prone to decline, which may as well pressurize the imparted cash. Nonetheless, the Ecb president's declaration of proceeding the detached financial strategy to goad financial development may as well back silver costs. MCX GOLDPETAL July contract was trading at Rs 2792 up Rs 6, or 0.22 percent. The GOLDPETAL rate touched an intraday high of Rs 2799 and an intraday low of Rs 2779. So far 7931 contracts have been traded. GOLDPETAL prices have moved up Rs 76, or 2.80 percent in the July series so far. 

Free Commodity Tips
  • MCX Silver (July Futures): Buy - 44000, stoploss - 43 500 and Target - 45000 
  • MCX Crude oil (June Futures): Buy - 5380, stoploss - 5335 and target - 5480 
  • MCX Crude Palm Oil (June Futures): Buy - 488, stoploss - 483 and Goals - 498 
  • Chinese NCDEX (July Futures): Buy - 3100, stoploss - 3080 and target - 3150

Friday, May 24, 2013

Gold Silver Updates Today: MCX Commodity Tips

Gold Updates

Gold edged lower on Friday as the dollar and values recovered force after a volatile exchanging session the day preceding, and as possessions in bullion-sponsored trade exchanged supports tumbled to crisp four year lows. Gold climbed to the extent that 2 percent to $1,397.35 on Thursday as gurus looked for its safe haven status after the dollar and value markets were hit by processing plant information from China and the United States that demonstrated the pace of assembling had reduced. SPDR Gold Trust possessions fell 0.15 percent to four-year lows of 1018.57 tons.

Silver Updates

Silver is exchanging at 22.343 around 13 pennies today on frail Pmi information from both China and the euro zone. In spite of the fact that the euro zone Pmi's beat gauge, it stays in constriction. Speculators are looking for safe house in the greenback after China's assembling action got to seven‐month level in May. Viewpoint : with news of physical merchants using up the item because of an auction, generally individuals are taking requests for June Delivery.

MCX Commodity Tips

  • MCX Gold Tips: Sell around 26350 for targets of 26000 with a stop loss placed above 26500.
  • MCX Silver Tips: Sell below 43400 with a stop loss at 43700 levels for targets of 42500.

Monday, April 1, 2013

NCDEX Trading Strategies: Commodity Tips

Agri Commodity turnover is over today. Due to the decline in the international market, the domestic soybean market also came under pressure. NCDEX soybean slight edge is closed. The declining trend in soya oil and mustard making day. Soy oil fell 0.75 per cent to 0.5 per cent and mustard. MCX CPO 1 per cent decline in. Although Chana futures gained strongly today. Rose 1.5 per cent on NCDEX Chana. Last week, after declining strongly in sugar futures seen shopping at lower levels. NCDEX sugar was 0.75 percent stronger. The spot market price of sugar has increased. Season as well as new market since the beginning of the first day of trading in wheat futures remained under pressure. NCDEX wheat lost 1.5 percent. New cotton futures on NCDEX launched, which will allow direct delivery. Also on NCDEX potato futures was launched. There was mild weakness in MCX cardamom spices Swung around 3 per cent on NCDEX turmeric. Cumin showing the pressure. Cayenne pepper is also idling. However, black pepper 1 per cent decline in. 

Commodity Tips:

NCDEX coriander (April futures): Buy - 6880-6900, stoploss - 6800, Target - 7050
Armseed NCDEX (April futures): Sell - 3440-3450, stoploss - 3490, Target - 3380

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stock Market Strategies to Be a Successful Trader

Here we present top strategies to become a successfull trader, You just need to impliment these in your portfolio. These are-

1. Keep It Simple.
Keeping it simple in investing is not stupid. Seventeenth-century philosopher Blaise Pascal once said, "All man's miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone." This aptly describes the investing process.
Those who trade too often, focus on irrelevant data points, or try to predict the unpredictable are likely to encounter some unpleasant surprises when investing. By keeping it simple--focusing on companies with economic moats, requiring a margin of safety when buying, and investing with a long-term horizon--you can greatly enhance your odds of success.

2. Have the Proper Expectations. 
Are you getting into stocks with the expectation that quick riches soon await? Hate to be a wet blanket, but unless you are extremely lucky, you will not double your money in the next year investing in stocks. Such returns generally cannot be achieved unless you take on a great deal of risk by, for instance, buying extensively on margin or taking a flier on a chancy security. At this point, you have crossed the line from investing into speculating.
Though stocks have historically been the highest-return asset class, this still means returns in the 10%-12% range. These returns have also come with a great deal of volatility. (See Lesson 103 for more.) If you don't have the proper expectations for the returns and volatility you will experience when investing in stocks, irrational behavior--taking on exorbitant risk in get-rich-quick strategies, trading too much, swearing off stocks forever because of a short-term loss--may ensue.

3. Be Prepared to Hold for a Long Time.
In the short term, stocks tend to be volatile, bouncing around every which way on the back of Mr. Market's knee-jerk reactions to news as it hits. Trying to predict the market's short-term movements is not only impossible, it's maddening. It is helpful to remember what Benjamin Graham said: In the short run, the market is like a voting machine--tallying up which firms are popular and unpopular. But in the long run, the market is like a weighing machine--assessing the substance of a company.
Yet all too many investors are still focused on the popularity contests that happen every day, and then grow frustrated as the stocks of their companies--which may have sound and growing businesses--do not move. Be patient, and keep your focus on a company's fundamental performance. In time, the market will recognize and properly value the cash flows that your businesses produce.

4. Tune Out the Noise.
There are many media outlets competing for investors' attention, and most of them center on presenting and justifying daily price movements of various markets. This means lots of prices--stock prices, oil prices, money prices, frozen orange juice concentrate prices--accompanied by lots of guesses about why prices changed. Unfortunately, the price changes rarely represent any real change in value. Rather, they merely represent volatility, which is inherent to any open market. Tuning out this noise will not only give you more time, it will help you focus on what's important to your investing success--the performance of the companies you own.
Likewise, just as you won't become a better baseball player by just staring at statistical sheets, your investing skills will not improve by only looking at stock prices or charts. Athletes improve by practicing and hitting the gym; investors improve by getting to know more about their companies and the world around them.

5. Behave Like an Owner.
We'll say it again--stocks are not merely things to be traded, they represent ownership interests in companies. If you are buying businesses, it makes sense to act like a business owner. This means reading and analyzing financial statements on a regular basis, weighing the competitive strengths of businesses, making predictions about future trends, as well as having conviction and not acting impulsively. For more Trading Strategies Please Visit us @ Stock Tips

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