Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bull Trend Stoped Today, Sensex Closed 42 points down

भारतीय शेयर बाजार में जारी तेजी पर ब्रेक लग गया है। सेंसेक्स और निफ्टी मामूली गिरावट के साथ बंद हुए है। आज सुबह बाजार की शुरुआत हल्की गिरावट के साथ हुई थी, लेकिन बैंकिंग और मिडकैप शेयरों में खरीददारी से निफ्टी ने 8400 के महत्वपूर्ण स्तरो को भी पार किया है। आखिरी में सेंसेक्स 41 अंक की गिरावट के साथ 27645 के स्तर पर बंद हुआ है। वहीं, निफ्टी 8 अंक के दबाव के साथ यानी 0.10 फीसदी गिरकर 8365 के स्तर पर क्लोज हुआ है।

दिग्गज शेयरों के टूटने के साथ मिडकैप शेयरों पर भी बिकवाली का दबाव बढ़ गया। बाजार में तेजी के समय मिडकैप शेयरों में भी अच्छी खरीदारी देखने को मिली थी। हालांकि, अंत में सीएनएक्स मिडकैप इंडेक्स सपाट होकर कल के ही क्लोजिंग वाले स्तरों पर बंद हुआ लेकिन स्मॉलकैप शेयरों में आज खरीदारी का रुझान रहा। बीएसई का स्मॉलकैप इंडेक्स करीब 0.5 फीसदी बढ़कर 11200 के करीब आकर बंद हुआ है।
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

NCDEX Tips For Jeera and Chana Today: 12th May 2015

NCDEX Jeera Tips:
Jeera June prices traded sideways and finally closed the day at 17865. Prices are currently consolidating with in the flag pattern and either side breakouts would be required to suggests a fresh directional moves. Hence, a break above 18400 could see bullish rallies towards 18800 levels. Likewise, on the lower side, break off below the support of 17550 could see a direct fall. Meanwhile, the daily RSI (14) is treading with negative strength for the day. Hence, we recommend to wait and watch approach until it discover the way out. 

NCDEX Chana Tips:
Chana June prices witnessed liquidating pressure from the high of 4700 and closed at 4648. Inability to overcome the obstacle of 4700 could profit booking towards 4618/4570 levels. Moreover, daily RSI (14) is in overbought situation, expecting a mild profit booking in the immediate run. Conversely, direct rise above 4700 could see sharp rallies towards 4750/4780 levels. Anyway, we recommend to continue cautious approach while taking fresh buy positions.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Commodity Outlook and Weekly Review

Commodity Outlook Today
For Bullion, US monthly Jobs data on Friday create huge volatility as markets took mixed cues to assess how it can actually impact the FED’s rate outlook in coming meetings. On the Non-farm payrolls front, expectations were for a rise by around 225,000-230,000 though data came lower to 223K while the major negativity was attached with last month’s numbers which from 126K was revised lower to just 85K.

Bullion Weekly Review
  • Bullion faced high volatility in a small band last week as markets tried to assess the mixed set of data from the US and Europe whereas from demand side, there was no major changes
  • By the end of week though, Gold Comex Jun expiry contract managed modest positive closing of around 1.2% to $1188 per ounce mark.
  • Gold Spread movement: Comex spread moving in small band of $1 to $1.1 per ounce. Indian MCX Spread too ranged though bias continues to be marginally positive for Contango to increase as demand remains subdued locally. In last 6 sessions, overall spread gained from Rs 175 to 225 levels. Likely range for today Rs 250 – 200 with positive bias 

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Friday, May 8, 2015

MCX Gold Ready to come Below 26000, Eye on US Market Data

MCX Gold Updates
MCX Gold Updates
MCX Gold Updates
Gold trend is looking bearish and appears to be hanged between Currency market and US Employment data. The gold prices are directally relly on these conditions.
The last 6 weeks, Gold is trading between 1170-1213 dollars per ounce. Gold is looking slightly bearish today and trading at 1183 dollars per ounce level on International market. Another fector of this downtrend is The recovery of the rupee in the domestic market declined by 0.25%.
US employment data is going to released today evening can give new direction to gold. Although experts is experting gold prices will slide below Rs 26000.

Gold slipped below 26,000 may
The US labor market is likely to improve. Given the Fed may raise interest rates. If that happens MCX Gold prices could slip up to Rs 26000. Recovery in the stock market and the dollar is likely to lead to pressure on the gold prices.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Commodity Outlook & Intraday Trading Strategy Today 7th May 2015

Commodity Outlook & Intraday Trading Strategy For Today 7th May 2015-

Exchange Commodity Expiry S1 S2 Last Trade R1 R2 Intraday Trend Recommendation
MCX Gold 05'June 26790 26675 26911 27025 27130 Bullish Buy at S1 TGT R1 SL 26750
MCX Silver 05'July 37565 37110 37992 38450 38870 Sideways Wait for call
MCX Copper 30'June 411.4 407 414.95 418 422 Sideways Wait for call
MCX Nickel 30'May 872 851 892.4 908 1013 Bearish Sell at R1 TGT S1 SL 1013
MCX Zinc 30'May 150.3 149.2 151.5 152.5 154 Bearish Sell at Cmp TGT S1 SL 152.50

Sell at R1 TGT S1 SL 135.35
MCX Lead 30'May 132.4 131.15 133.15 134 135.35 Bearish Sell at R1 TGT S1 SL 135.35
MCX Aluminum 30'May 120.8 119.7 121.85 122.7 124 Bearish Sell at R1 TGT S1 SL 124
MCX Crude Oil 18'May 3832 3765 3882 3955 4016 Sideways Expecting some intraday corrections.
MCX Mentha Oil 30'May 963 947 978.5 983 1005 Bearish Sell at R1 TGT S2 SL 1005
NCDEX Cotton 30'May 16510 16370 16640 16730 16860 Bearish Sell at R1 TGT S1 SL 16860
NCDEX Chana 20'May 4432 4370 4477 4530 4587 Bullish Buy at S1 TGT R1 SL 4403
NCDEX Soya Bean 20'June 4165 4123 4211 4276 4325 Bullish Buy at S1 TGT R1 SL 4186
NCDEX Soya Oil 20'June 586 582 592.9 597 603 Sideways Wait for call
NCDEX RM Seed 20'May 3866 3823 3902 3965 4011 Bullish Buy at S1 TGT R1 SL 3823
NCDEX Cocud cake 20'May 1825 1803 1843 1887 1912 Bullish Buy at S1 TGT R1 SL 1803
NCDEX Jeera 20'May 17245 17110 17395 17525 17660 Bearish Sell at R1 TGT S1 SL 17660
NCDEX Turmeric 20'May 8187 8075 8312 8390 8500 Bearish Sell at R1 TGT S1 SL 8500
NCDEX Dhaniya 20'May 10540 10470 10625 10710 10835 Bullish Buy at S1 TGT R1 SL 10470
NCDEX Castor seed 20'May 3692 3625 3722 3800 3885 Bullish Buy at S1 TGT R1 SL 362

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