Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MCX NCDEX Commodity Trend For Today

NCDEX Trend For Today
The price of pepper is constantly deteriorating. Discussed in the last several days in spot and futures pepper dwelling has declined 15 per cent in just 20 days. While still a sharp decline in the prices of pepper. A 3.5 per cent drop in futures prices were pepper. The thing to note is that since pepper futures had reportedly complained of fraud, since the price has dropped by 15 per cent. On NCDEX Coriander is down nearly 3 percent. On the NCDEX turmeric has been 1.5 per cent.Mustard is down today. NCDEX December futures price has broken nearly 1 per cent. International market prices of oilseeds has seen even today.

MCX Trend For Today
MCX gold is being witnessed in the atmosphere of lethargy. Gold is trading at Rs 31750 and flat. With a gain of 0.3 per cent on MCX silver is trading at Rs 61700. With nearly 1 per cent on MCX crude oil has risen to Rs 4,850. Continued pressure on base metals on MCX. 0.1 to 0.6 per cent decline in base metals. Copper dropped 0.4 per cent has come down to Rs 423.

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