Thursday, November 29, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Current Trend Today

MCX Gold Silver Felt by more then 1%. Decline in gold. Up 0.5 per cent on MCX gold price has broken. In the last 2 days, gold has nearly 800 bucks cheaper. MCX Gold is currently trading at Rs 31 680. Silver is also a declining trend. 2 days in silver prices declined by Rs 2,000. Currently, with a decline of 1 per cent on MCX silver is trading at Rs 62 530.

However, after Wednesday's fall did see strength in crude oil. But firmly returned to RS crude oil has come under pressure again. Currently, with a decline of 0.15 percent on MCX crude oil is around Rs 4,800.

Base metals also declined today. MCX has weakened by 0.5 per cent in the base metals. Copper fell 0.5 per cent to Rs 430.50 is broken.

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