Friday, November 23, 2012

Commodity Trend for Today: 23rd Nov

In the domestic market, gold prices have once again gone beyond Rs 32,000. Volatility in the international market generally has an impact on domestic prices. However, the faster is the biggest reason behind the currency. Rupee is the lower level of the past two and a half months.

Silver is also supported weak rupee. MCX silver at 0.6 per cent and the price has gone up to Rs 62,500. Silver moved up 0.25 per cent at Comaks looks.

Naimaks 0.4 per cent on the crude oil is at $ 87. However, at 0.35 per cent on MCX Crude oil price is Rs 4855 is running. Crude oil also has the advantage of the weakness of Rs.

Sharp decline in agri commodities cumin. Rs 15000 to Rs 14500 Caraway after the cross has been dropped. Also spawn in the spot market has declined.


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