Tuesday, October 9, 2012

NCDEX Tips: What to do in Agri Commodity

Bumper stock of wheat in the country, despite wheat prices are going up fast. Wheat prices rose 2.5 per cent to Rs 1,590 on NCDEX is reached. During the past 1 week, 10 per cent of wheat has gone up. The international market price of wheat to grow slap-dash is exported. Flour mills in the workings of the trust of wheat just released from government warehouses running.

The government has made it clear that the country's surplus stock, it will not export any kind of restriction. This year India has exported about 25 million tonnes of wheat. And the government will continue to export wheat under this policy even further.

Even bumper wheat reserves in India, but the world is expected to decrease in the yield of wheat this year. October 11 is the U.S. Department of Agriculture report. Sowing of wheat in the country in the next month will begin.

Also on NCDEX coriander upper circuit of 4 per cent in October to look forward, and its price has risen to Rs 4361. On NCDEX Castor Seed upper circuit of 4 per cent in October to look forward and beyond the price has risen to Rs 3,600.

Decrease in rupee against the dollar as well as gold and silver has turned the trick. With a gain of 0.2 per cent on MCX gold is concern around Rs 31 400. With a gain of 0.15 percent while silver is trading at Rs 61 560. MCX Crude oil gained 0.5 per cent and the price has risen to Rs 4730. MCX 0.1-0.4 per cent in the base metals have gained 0.3 percent but aluminum is broken.


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