Thursday, September 13, 2012

MCX Tips For Gold Silver, Commodity Updates

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MCX Gold Tips
MCX Gold is trading in a full bullish mode. In last trading session MCX Gold closed at 32330 level up by 1.46 per cent. In today's trading session Gold is looking to get 32500 level. International updates are also supporting the bullish trend in MCX Gold. MCX Gold Tips are suggest a buy position arround the 32300 level to get the resistance level of 32550 and above that it can touch 32800 level today. MCX Gold Tips is suggested to buy.

MCX Silver Tips

MCX Silver has break all the records of its previous records of last 6 months. Silver closed above 1 week high with volume signals up breakout. MCX silver shut stop at 65307 with a gain of more then 2000 points. MCX Silver is looking consolidate to positive for today's trading session. MCX Silver has a resistance at 66700 level on the upside and a support level at 64000 level in down side. MCX Silver Tips for today are to buy Silver on lower levels.

Commodity Updates

Commodity Updates for today are gold and silver is trading on a full bull trend. In fect silver has crossed the previous high of last 6 months. MCX Crude has also shut stop in positive side after the Diesel price-hike. Copper has closed its trading above 455 level, looking to get the 460 level soon. MCX Updates also suggest that it is a bullish trand for all commodities.

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