Thursday, September 20, 2012

MCX Gold Silver Tips and Crude Updates

MCX Gold Tips

MCX Gold is trading at a flat mode but looking in a perfect bullish trend to get the 32100 level in today's trading although it has a crucial support at 31600 level. If MCX Gold cross the 32200 level today then it may relly upto 32500 level. MCX Gold Tips is to buy Gold on lower levels 

MCX Silver Tips

MCX Silver is trading on a full bull trend today. It is trading at 64508 up by 146 points. MCX silver is trading under heavey buying pressure to get 65500 level today and if it cross then it could rose upto 66000 level. Although it has a support at 63500 level. MCX Silver Tips is to buy on lower levels.  

Crude Updates

Crude oil in the Gulf of deepening concern is to get back to the uptrend. Gold and silver are on a boom on COMEX. NYMEX crude oil is trading currently with boom at 93 dollars a barrel up by 0.5 per cent. Brent crude on the ICE is trading at 110.50 dollars a barrel with osteoporosis. Crude oil prices  have  faced complex interactions between the cheap liquidity and the bearish fundamentals in the recent times. Liquidity has always played an important role in an upside rally in oil prices. Best example could be the first and second round of quantitative easing by US. However, the impact fizzles out as soon as the cheap liquidity vanishes from the system.

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