Monday, September 10, 2012

MCX Commodity Trend and Tips For Today

MCX Commodity Trend

In bullion Commodity trend is perfect upward. Gold and silver were introduced in the domestic market is better today. MCX Gold touched a new record and it has raised Rs 32 036. The silver with 0.75 per cent at Rs 64 355. Slowdown in the international gold market, the silver is increasingly being seen.

Crude oil trend is looking in a positive mode. Even the whole energy commodity trend is looking bullish at the moment. With a gain of 0.25 per cent on MCX Crude oil is currently trading at Rs 5327. However Naimaks has seen a decline in crude oil.

Base Metal commodity trend is also in a bullish mode. In the domestic market, there has been a positive for base metals. All metals on MCX is trading with green print. Nickel has seen the highest 0.54 per cent. The aluminum, copper 0.30 per cent, 0.25 per cent, with the lead and zinc are traded.

MCX Commodity Tips

MCX Silver Tips
Silver (MCX): Sell below 64700, with a stoploss of -65100, Target 64000.

MCX Crude Oil Tips
Crude oil (MCX): Sell below 5350, to get the target of 5280 level, stoploss at 5390.

MCX Copper Tips
Copper (MCX): Sell copper below 451, stoploss at 453, for the target of 446.

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