Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Commodity Tips and MCX NCDEX Trend For Today

Germany's Supreme Court ruled in favor of the ESM fund after sharp rise in commodity markets have seen. The boom of Rs 32 105 on MCX gold managed to reach new record levels. But now, with a gain of 0.5 per cent on MCX gold is trading at Rs 32 040. With the silver boom of 1 per cent to Rs 64,500 has been exceeded.

MCX Trend For Today

MCX Crude oil gained 0.5 per cent seeing and the price is close to Rs 5,400. Afternoon lethargy charm is back in base metals traded. MCX base metals looks quickly around 0.5-1 per cent.

NCDEX Trend For Today

Mustard on NCDEX gained nearly 2 per cent to Rs 4,100 and the price is exceeded. Soybean is extremely sluggish business still remains above its price of Rs 3,800. With nearly 1 per cent on NCDEX Cumin Rs 14,000 has been reached. However, the September futures on MCX cardamom was 4 per cent lower circuit and its price is Rs 767.60.

Commodity Tips

Commodity Tips for Today are-
  • MCX Gold (October Futures): Buy - 32150, stoploss - 31980 and the target - 32300
  • MCX Copper (Nov Futures): Buy - 456, stoploss - 452 and the target - 460
  • NCDEX Mustard (October Futures): Buy - 4150, stoploss - 4110 and target - 4250

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