Friday, August 10, 2012

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MCX Gold Silver Tips

Gold and silver in the domestic market is weak. Dull gold on MCX is trading at Rs 29940, while silver has declined to Rs 53358. In the international market, gold and silver prices declined by 0.5 per cent. Gold and silver traded in the domestic market seems sluggish. COMEX 0.4 per cent on gold and silver, 0.6 per cent to $ 1612 are made close to $ 28. MCX Gold Tips for today is to sell on higher level and same strategy for the MCX Silver Tips too.

MCX Copper Tips

Today on MCX base metals have also seen a huge weakness. In domestic markets, copper, nickel and zinc have been broken up to 0.7 percent, down slightly with the lead and aluminium is traded. Copper prices on the London Metal Exchange fell by 1 per cent is on the business. Now MCX Copper is trading at 414 levels. Copper is looking more negative on MCX. MCX Copper Tips is to sell on higher levels.

MCX Trading Tips For Crude Oil

Crude oil is going to see selling pressure in the upper levels. On MCX, crude oil, down with about 0.95 per cent is trading at Rs 5125. NYMEX and ICE crude oil has seen a slight decline. U.S. crude oil reserves and the reduction in unemployment figures fall in crude oil prices were aided. The crude oil demand worldwide, including the United States still has not been clear picture. MCX Tips for crude oil is to buy on lower level for getting huge profit.

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