Thursday, August 16, 2012

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MCX Trend For Today

The last day of the week after Thursday's sharp decline in commodity market environment. COMEX slight decline in the gold and silver, so NYMEX the crude oil has also slipped. Copper is also looking strong light. COMEX is 0.1 per cent up at present in gold trading at 1615.25 dollars per ounce. Nearly 0.5 percent to $ 28.1 broke the COMEX silver per ounce level has occurred. On Thursday, gold in the domestic market with 0.4 per cent to Rs 30 115. MCX silver up 0.6 per cent to Rs 53770. Currently, nearly 0.5 NYMEX slipped to 95.20 dollars a barrel of crude oil is trading at. Brent crude on the ICE with a slight edge is trading at 114.50 dollars a barrel. MCX Crude oil 1.5 per cent on Thursday to bounce off close to Rs 5,300. Copper on LME declined by 0.1 percent.

NCDEX Trend For Today

NCDEX Pepper has been in a sharp decline mode yesterday. Pepper futures and spot market price of Rs 800-1200 is broken. The world pepper production is projected to grow this year. In Vietnam and Indonesia produce about 10 per cent to 24 per cent is expected to grow. The global market price is above the black pepper. NCDEX Trend For Pepper is looking down for today also. The estimated reduction in the export of black pepper. In August of red Chilli futures on NCDEX declined by 0.5 per cent. But coriander 1 per cent in the September futures have gone up. Trend for red chilli in NCDEX were aslo in a down mode. Cumin in the August futures has nearly 4 per cent. Turmeric futures 2 per cent in August, while September, October and November futures have gone up around 3-4 per cent. Castor seed futures on NCDEX in all of the upper circuit is 4 per cent. With 0.5 per cent to Rs 1,180 on MCX Cardamom is reached.

MCX Tips

  • MCX Tips For Gold: In MCX Gold it is looking to touch 30240 level today. Looking more bullish for today. MCX tips is to buy on lower levels.
  • MCX Tips For silver is to buy on lower level to get the target of 54200 level for today. Looking more bullish for intraday trading term.
  • MCX Tips in Crude oil is, It is suggested that MCX crude might get 5350 level today. Crude is looking consolidate to bullish. So buy in suggested as MCX Tips For Today.


  • NCDEX Mustard (September futures): Buy - 4430-4440, stoploss of Rs - 4410 and the target - 4490.
  • NCDEX Chana (September futures): Buy - 4900-4910, stoploss of Rs - 4860 and the target - 4970.
  • NCDEX pepper (September futures): Sell - 42900, stoploss of Rs - 43800 and a Target - 41000.

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