Friday, August 24, 2012

Gold Silver Updates: Gold Traded High on Spot

Gold is once again on top. In Delhi spot market, gold touched a new record is Rs 31 115. Silver also showed impressive speed. Although last year's returns in gold and silver ratio is still quite low.

Gold in the international market, with record levels of $ 1,920 to $ 1,670 per ounce is 13 per cent. The U.S. is expected to be announced in the Qi-3 is to move upwards in gold. China has also indicated changes in interest rates. Liquidity in the market is estimated to grow all in the hope of gold is touching new heights.

Gold imports are set to fall further this year as global bullion prices are driven higher by surplus cash in the market and by a weaker dollar, delegates at a major conference on the metal said on Friday.

So far, nearly 10 per cent from January returns could sleep. Silver is even less returns. However, in last trading session profits has seen in gold and silver. Currently with marginal gains on MCX gold is trading flat at Rs 30889. With a gain of 0.28 per cent, while silver is trading at Rs 56971 gained by 0.34 per cent.

Market Updates are suggesting that gold may get 31200 level in this month end. Every Market sentiment is suggesting a positive trend in both Gold and Silver. MCX Silver may gold some volatile trend on some tradding session but looking in a strong uptrend for mid term.

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