Monday, July 9, 2012

MCX Tips: Gold, Silver and Copper For Today

MCX Tips For Today:
Today all commodities are in bullish trend. On Monday MCX Gold was up by 0.15 per cent trading at 29665 levels, MCX Silver was up by 0.73 per cent trading at 53553 level. MCX Crude oil was trading in full bullish mode it has gain 1.54 per cent in its last trading. Natural gas was also up almost with 2 per cent. Copper was also up with 0.06 per cent. Here are some intraday MCX Tips for Today-

MCX Gold Tips:
MCX Gold is in a bull trend with a support at 29300 levels and a resistance at 30000 levels today. For MCX Gold Tips we suggest buy MCX Gold above 29670 with a Stop loss at 29590 for target price of 29780.

MCX Silver Tips:
MCX Silver is trading at 53500 levels with a strong resistance at 54100 levels and a sharp support at 52800 levels. For MCX Silver Tips for today we suggest a buy in MCX Silver above 53500 for a target price of 53800 levels and Stop loss at 53200.

MCX Copper Tips:
MCX Copper is trading in consolidate to positive trend. It has a strong resistance at 430 levels with a sharp support at 421 levels. For today MCX Copper Tips is to buy MCX Copper above 426.50, with a Stop loss 424, for target of 428.50-429. Else below 424, go for sell.

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