Thursday, December 29, 2011

NCDEX: NCDEX Trend For Today, NCDEX Outlook

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In NCDEX today it has a mix trend, here are some intraday trend for-

NCDEX Soyabean-

Soyabean is looking consolidate for today's trading session. It will get the trend as bullish it it manages to atrade above the Resistance level of 2530, else below thw support level of 2300 it will be in down trend.

NCDEX Pepper-

Pepper has also consolidate trend for today. It has the Resistance level of 33250 and a Support level of 31900. It will really treat to trade in these market condition. We suggest that Sell Pepper on higher Levels.

NCDEX Chana-

Chana also has a consolidate trend according to our report. It has a support of 3200 and a resistance of 3400. We suggest to Sell Chana on higher Levels.


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